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Drain Wands

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Smelly Drain? Blocked Sink?

And that Toilet! YUK!

Drain Wands will eat away at the grime and grease, better than any 'no-name' drain cleaner you have under your sink.

Drop one wand into your drain and the ULTRA CONCENTRATED enzyme strips with slow-dissolving bacteria, will get to work instantly.



The gunk that’s stuck inside of your drain won’t stand a chance against enzymes. Grease, oil, fats, scum, food: all gone in a matter of minutes. How’s that for easy drain maintenance?

Takes advantage of slow dissolving enzymes to take care of lodged organic materials. Food and grease will stick to your drain like Velcro. Pretty gross. Luckily you can clear the gunk in your drain with a deodorizing Strip.


Perfect as part of a monthly cleaning routine. Once a month in each drain area such as toilets, showers and sinks. This will no only keep everything clean, but will also maintain the safety and standard of pipes and septic tanks.

Each pack contains 12 sticks, so we suggest getting 3 packs to last you the year for several areas.