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Hero Spoons

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Save time, space and food with these adjustable Hero Spoons.

Showing teaspoon, tablespoon and ml measurements, this double pack of adjustable measuring spoons gives you an accurate reading every time.

With it's easy push controller it's a great way to get accurate measurements.

Just need a 1/8 of sugar? No problem....a Tablespoon? Easily done.

With 10 measurements ranging from 1/8 (0.6ml) to 1 full tablespoon (15ml), you have it all in 2 easy to handle spoons. So throw away the 10 spoons you can never find and add these to your draw instead.

Spoons are approximately 15cm long, making them easier to hold than your usual household spoons.

Made of high quality, food grade material that is BPA free and PDA approved.